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Family Forecast is an independent genetic counseling company, based in Denver, Colorado. Family Forecast allows clients to meet with Erin O’Toole, our genetic counselor, from the comfort of their home use secure video conferencing. We use a system that clients can access from any computer or tablet. There is nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to worry about! Some clients prefer a phone call rather than a video consultation. We are happy to accommodate that request. For frequently asked questions refer to the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Services

What Is A Genetic Counselor?

A genetic counselor is a healthcare provider specially trained in both medical genetics and counseling. As an advanced practice provider, similar to a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, genetic counselors work as members of a healthcare team to evaluate risk for a genetic disease, facilitate the genetic testing process, and counsel individuals and families on implications of genetic test results. For more information on genetic counseling, visit www.nsgc.org.

What Types Of Genetic Tests Can You Help Me With?

We can help people better understand any type of genetic test result they have. It may be a test that checks for genetic conditions in a pregnancy, such as a quad screen or cell-free fetal DNA testing, a test showing cancer predisposition, a 23andMe result, or many other types of genetic tests.

Does Family Forecast Order Genetic Tests On My Behalf?

Due to state regulations, most of the time a genetic counselor cannot be an ordering provider on a genetic test. Because of this, Family Forecast does not order genetic testing. After your consultation, your Family Forecast genetic counselor can work with your healthcare providers and assist them in ordering the tests or interpreting results.

Is There Anything I Need To Do To Prepare For My Appointment?

If you scheduled a results review appointment, a genetic counselor will reach out to you via secure email to obtain a copy of your test result. You may need to request this from the ordering provider before you pass it along. If you would like Family Forecast to obtain the result from your doctor, we will need to have a signed medical records release form.

If you scheduled a prenatal genetic testing guidance appointment, we encourage you to speak with your doctor’s office about what tests they offer. This will help our genetic counselor be more specific about the pros and cons of tests easily available to you. If you do not have this information, no need to worry. We can discuss the common testing options available at most doctors offices.

How Does Billing Work?

Family Forecast bills client’s directly for its services. Family Forecast does not bill insurance. You are responsible for the fees for your consultation. If you have out-of-network insurance benefits, a health saving account or health reimbursement account, we are happy to provide you a receipt so you can attempt reimbursement. Family Forecast cannot give advice on insurance reimbursement or guarantee any reimbursement from your insurance company, health savings account, or health reimbursement account.

I've Never Had An Online Medical Appointment. How Does This Work?

Telemedicine is the use of live-video conferencing for a healthcare appointment. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from us confirming the date and time of your appointment and providing a link to the telemedicine session. Family Forecast uses a service called Google Hangouts for HIPAA secure video conferencing and file sharing. No software download or registration is required. For this consultation, you can use your own personal computer, tablet, or phone that has a camera, microphone, and speaker. Per your request, the appointment can also be conducted over video conference.

We Are Able To Work With Families
In Most States

Family Forecast is able to see clients in many states. If your state is colored, we are happy to serve you today! If your state is the color gray, we look forward to being able to serve you soon. In the meantime, visit www.findageneticcounselor.com to find a genetic counselor in your area.

Prenatal / Preconception

Testing Guidance


For soon-to-be parents wanting genetic consultation before the baby arrives, we offer Prenatal and Preconception Genetic Testing. Whether it’s your first or fifth child, or you are just thinking about starting a family, all parents can benefit from this session with a genetic counselor. During this phase, we will review your family history and discuss genetic testing that is available before and/or during pregnancy. We also work with couples who are pursuing IVF as well as individuals who are interested in being egg or sperm donors.

Prenatal / Preconception

Results Review

Genetic testing results can be confusing. Let’s take some time together during a Results Review to help you understand the information in a meaningful way to take action. In this appointment, we can discuss any genetic test result you have. ASAP appointments are available. Here are a few examples:


First Trimester Serum Screening


Quad Screening


Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing/NIPT


Carrier Screening


Chronic Villus Sampling




Products of Conception Testing


Karyotype/Chromosome Microarray Analysis

Ask A Genetic COunselor

A 30 Minute Q&A With Erin O’Toole

We receive so many calls from people needing assistance with genetic topics who just do not know where else to turn. Because our mission is to help everyone get the genetic counseling they need, and we never want to turn away a phone call from someone needing help we have created this “Ask A Genetic Counselor” option. Although our appointments focus on prenatal topics, our genetic counselor can certainly help you get pointed in the right direction for any of your genetic related questions. Note: This appointment is not designed to discuss genetic test results. Written documentation of the appointment is not provided.

What Our Patients Have To Say

A Word From Those We Have Helped Along The Way

“Erin called us a few hours after we found out about the diagnosis. We were confused and upset and getting to talk to an actual person right away was incredibly comforting. She was with us through the entire journey as we learned more about the diagnosis and became a support we could count on always. We will never forget her. She was wonderful. I’m so glad that she was there to help guide us.”

- Sarah

“Erin was a breath of fresh air the moment we met. It takes a special someone to articulate and present very complicated information in a high level, skillful, pleasant way that made us feel empowered instead of anxious. She was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and talked with us until we felt fully informed and comfortable. Erin always followed up with us in a timely manner and shared in our joy and happiness. She made a huge impact on us in a short period of time. Erin is simply amazing and couldn’t be more well suited for her profession, she’s a gift to all that have had the opportunity to work with her.”

- Elizabeth