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We understand that many healthcare providers are facing more and more questions and making more decisions about genetic testing. While some offices have the need for their own full-time genetic counselor, many offices simply need to have a genetic counselor on standby, someone they trust who they can reach out for a quick question or have on hand for a complicated patient situation. By partnering with Family Forecast, our genetic counselor can provide you with just that.

How Can Family Forecast Help Your Office?

By Counseling Your Patients:
Whether it’s just one patient that needs genetic counseling or you’re looking to establish a relationship to serve patients on a regular basis, our genetic counselor is here to help. Patients can meet with our genetic counselor from the comfort of their home or from an internet connection in your office with ASAP appointment times available. Our genetic counselor will become a part of the healthcare team, working collaboratively with all others involved for the best possible patient care.
By Consulting with Your Office:
Not only are the number of genetic testing options growing, but the recommendations by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, the American College of Medical Genetics, and the National Society of Genetic Counselors are frequently updating their recommendations and guidelines. It can be challenging for offices to be sure they are making the best decisions for their patients while being inundated by sales reps promoting the newest thing on the market. At Family Forecast, we do not recommend or endorse any particular genetic test or laboratory. Our only goal is to ensure your patients are getting the best care considering medical guidelines, individual needs, and financial and ethical responsibility. Our genetic counselor can help you develop a genetic testing protocol that complies with recommendations and considers the unique qualities and challenges of your practice.
You Tell Us!
All provider office relationships are customizable! Tell us what you are looking for and we can work creatively to help address your needs.

Download our eBook on prenatal and prenconception genetic testing options!

We are very proud of our comprehensive guide to prenatal and preconception genetic testing options.  This guide includes patient-friendly descriptions of cell-free DNA screening, first-trimester serum screening, quad screening, nuchal translucency measurement, anatomy ultrasound, carrier screening, chorionic villus sampling, and amniocentesis as well as questions to consider when deciding which tests, if any, are right for you.  Feel free to share with your patients!

What Our Patients Have To Say

A Word From Those We Have Helped Along The Way

“Erin called us a few hours after we found out about the diagnosis. We were confused and upset and getting to talk to an actual person right away was incredibly comforting. She was with us through the entire journey as we learned more about the diagnosis and became a support we could count on always. We will never forget her. She was wonderful. I’m so glad that she was there to help guide us.” - Sarah

“Erin was a breath of fresh air the moment we met. It takes a special someone to articulate and present very complicated information in a high level, skillful, pleasant way that made us feel empowered instead of anxious. She was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and talked with us until we felt fully informed and comfortable. Erin always followed up with us in a timely manner and shared in our joy and happiness. She made a huge impact on us in a short period of time. Erin is simply amazing and couldn’t be more well suited for her profession, she’s a gift to all that have had the opportunity to work with her.” - Elizabeth