Are You Worried About How Your Genetics Can Affect Your Baby?

Learn How Prenatal Genetic Testing Can Be a Solution to your Worries.

With our Guidance You Will Feel Better Prepared to Make the Best Decisions for Your Family.

Do You Have Any of These Questions About Prenatal Testing?


Why Do I Need Prenatal Testing?


Are There Different Types of Prenatal Testing? If so, Which Test is Right for Me?


Will Getting a Prenatal Test Affect My Pregnancy?


My Prenatal Test Came Back Positive, Now What?

What To Expect From Your Prenatal Testing Guidance and the Impact it Can Have on Your Family

Understand what genetic testing is available to you and how the results can impact your life and the lives of those closest to you.

First, we review your personal and family history as it pertains to family planning and prenatal genetic testing. This is your opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have about health conditions being passed down to your children.

Next, we will review biology and basic genetics to ensure you have a solid foundation as we move into discussing genetic testing options.

We will discuss the risks that exist in every pregnancy as well as any additional risks personal to your or your family’s history.

There are many different testing options that are available before and during pregnancy. We will discuss the pros and cons to these tests as well as your personal values and goals as we make a testing plan that is right for you.

Depending on your decisions, some tests may be initiated by you and others need to be initiated by your physician. For those that you can initiate, I will assist you in getting the test started. For those your physician must initiate, I will work him or her to make the process run smoothly.

You will be provided with a letter to share with your physician about your history and testing selections. Throughout your pregnancy, I will remain available to discuss genetic concerns and test results.

Prenatal & Preconception: Which is Best for You?

Preconception: Before pregnancy is a wonderful time to see a genetic counselor. Whether you are planning for your first pregnancy or are seasoned parents, there is a lot to learn from a genetics consultation. In this session, we will review your family history, discuss genetic testing that is available before pregnancy (genetic carrier screening) and testing options that will be available during pregnancy. We also enjoy working with couples who are pursuing IVF and individuals who are interested in being egg or sperm donors.

Prenatal: Many women are overwhelmed by the genetic testing options presented to them in pregnancy. In this appointment, we will review the family history and discuss all testing options your doctor provides, as well as any other testing we feel may be beneficial. This discussion will include:

Included in this Prenatal & Preconception Testing Guidance is a 60 minute phone call or video conference, personal and family history risk assessment, discussion of genetic testing options, and documentation of the appointment for you to share with your healthcare providers and family members.

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