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Preconception and Prenatal Genetic Counseling Services

Having a baby is one of the most special events, if not the most special event, of a parent’s life. However, when the time finally comes to have one, there is a lot of anxiety that soon-to-be parents experience, with most revolving around the health of their baby. Whether it’s before or during the pregnancy, a lot of questions may arise surrounding this topic.
Maybe you’re concerned about infertility because a few of your cousins have been diagnosed with it. It’s possible your sister may have had a miscarriage and you’re curious if that’s something you need to worry about. Or the case might be that there is a hereditary disease in your family history and you’re wondering what the possibility is that your child will inherit it, even though you don’t have it yourself. These concerns and many more are completely normal reactions for new parents to have. It’s scary not knowing the risk your child could be at but at the same time, you shouldn’t have put yourself through all that if there is in fact nothing to worry about. This is why I started Family Forecast.

Preparing You For Your Journey

A photo of Erin O'Toole, genetic counselor
My name is Erin, and I’ve been a genetic counselor for the last 3 years. The bulk of Family Forecast’s services are in the world of prenatal and preconception genetics, not only because that is my area of expertise, but because I saw a huge need begging to be filled. All pregnant women are offered screening for genetic conditions, but only those with specific risk factors are typically given the opportunity to see a genetic counselor and learn more about their testing options. Just as all people should have access to testing, I believe that all people should have access to counseling, so they can make informed decisions. However, aside from this, I started Family Forecast to provide guidance and reassurance. This doesn’t just include the realm of people who take the tests and no abnormalities are found, but to help facilitate the journey when potential birth defects or genetic disorders are detected. Sometimes these can be treated with early detection and the earlier you know, the more treatable they are.
Being a part of this significant life event makes what we do here at Family Forecast all that much more special when we are able to help out people who just want the best for their child. No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, or if you’re just curious to learn more about genetic counseling, please don’t hesitate to explore more of the site or reach out by clicking the button below.

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Suite of Services

Prenatal Testing Guidance

60 minute phone call or video conference, family history assessment, documentation of the family history and discussion for you to share with your healthcare providers and family members.

Prenatal Results Review

A 60 minute phone call or video conference, family history assessment, connection to support resources, documentation of the family history and discussion for you to share with your healthcare providers and family members.

Ask A Genetic Counselor

A 30 minute phone call with Erin O’Toole, our genetic counselor, to discuss or answer questions on any genetic topic you would like. This appointment is not designed to discuss genetic test results.

What Our Patients Have To Say

A Word From Those We Have Helped Along The Way

“Erin called us a few hours after we found out about the diagnosis. We were confused and upset and getting to talk to an actual person right away was incredibly comforting. She was with us through the entire journey as we learned more about the diagnosis and became a support we could count on always. We will never forget her. She was wonderful. I’m so glad that she was there to help guide us.” - Sarah

“Erin was a breath of fresh air the moment we met. It takes a special someone to articulate and present very complicated information in a high level, skillful, pleasant way that made us feel empowered instead of anxious. She was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and talked with us until we felt fully informed and comfortable. Erin always followed up with us in a timely manner and shared in our joy and happiness. She made a huge impact on us in a short period of time. Erin is simply amazing and couldn’t be more well suited for her profession, she’s a gift to all that have had the opportunity to work with her.” - Elizabeth

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